Happy Mothers’ Day!

I have the greatest mother in the world.  And for seven years now, I haven’t been home for mothers’ day, so here is a small tribute to my mother.

She is more kind, more generous, and more patient than anyone I know.  I often wish I had inherited more of these traits.

She brought me cheese in a lunch box on an airplane.

She’s right about (almost) everything (even when I won’t admit it until years later).

She sends me presents for every holiday, and sometimes just for Tuesdays.  Usually these presents have a theme like “miniature things” or “things that come from the drug store” or “things to put on the blog.”

I tell her everything because she is truly my best friend and I have more fun with her than with anyone else.

So on Mothers’ Day, I can never seem to find anything quite good enough for my mother.  I sent her some cute decorative things for her house, but to fill out the box, I decided I would make her something.  I really wanted to send her Nanaimo bars because she loves them and they’ve become somewhat hard to find.  However, since they are unbaked and made with heavy cream, I was afraid they wouldn’t ship very well.

Instead, I went with my second, third, and fourth choices and made peanut butter chocolate chip brownies two different ways, chocolate chip banana bread, and the best part, brown butter cookies with toffee and chocolate.  You’ll hear more about these in the days to come.

For now I just wanted to say Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers reading this.  I hope you all know how much you are appreciated and loved.

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3 Responses to Happy Mothers’ Day!

  1. Jo says:

    To any young mothers who might be struggling through sleepless nights or tantrums or teenage rebellion……..trust me, there will me moments like this that make it all worth it, a million times over. Thank you Courtney. If I deserve any modicum of credit for the independent, thoughtful, bright and funny woman you’ve become I’ve done my job ok. I love you, Mom

  2. YaYa says:

    Courtney, that was indeed an amazing tribute. Your mother should be very proud of the inspiring, kind, thoughtful young woman that you are. I can honestly say that it has been an absolute joy having you in my life and for that I thank you both. Love, YaYa

  3. Carolyn says:

    Oh, well, that’s enough to make a Mom cry!! Courtney and Jo, I am very lucky to have you both in my life for all these years – love to you both!

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