Cinnamon Vanilla Steel-Cut Oats with Fresh Strawberries

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Chocolate Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

This is a recipe from Alice of Savory Sweet Life.  Hers was the first food blog I ever followed and it remains my very favorite.  Her recipes are the kinds of things I like to make and eat and her cake decorating skills are incredible.

Since this bread has chocolate in the title more than once, I knew I’d have to make it eventually and Mothers’ Day seemed the appropriate occasion.  You can find the Continue reading

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Happy Mothers’ Day!

I have the greatest mother in the world.  And for seven years now, I haven’t been home for mothers’ day, so here is a small tribute to my mother.

She is more kind, more generous, and more patient than anyone I know.  I often wish I had inherited more of these traits.

She brought me cheese in a lunch box on an airplane. Continue reading

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Homemade Mac and Cheese in 10 minutes or less

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Orange Chicken and News

I have been absent from the blog for quite a while now.  I have no excuse except to say that I have been somewhat distracted the last week or so.  Don’t worry, it’s good news.

For the last two years, I have become increasingly unhappy teaching in my current district.  I thought seriously about leaving teaching.   But last week I heard Continue reading

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Why Don’t People Make Angel Food Cupcakes?

My contribution to dinner last weekend was “something cute for dessert” and well, I tried.  I tried really hard.

I have been wanting to make angel food cake for quite a while now and to turn it into strawberry shortcake.  Since part of the deal was “cute” I tried to make strawberry shortcake angel food cake cupcakes.  I was inspired by Continue reading

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Turkish Breakfast and Andy’s Hash Brown Casserole

This weekend, I didn’t cook much because I was too busy eating all the delicious food other people made for me.  First, I’ve been tutoring a Turkish woman to help her prepare for the TOEFL.  Saturday she had me over for breakfast before our lesson.  Along with strong black tea, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, two kinds of cheese, honey, jam, “Turkish sausage,” fried potatoes, and olives, she served me this amazing Continue reading

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